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April Jobs

Jobs for April:

This list is not exhaustive but a few jobs for the month:

Fruit & vegetables

Sow broad beans

Sow brussel sprouts

Harvest winter cabbages

Sow carrots if soil is warm

Sow radishes

Plants & flowers

Plant bare root roses

Feed azaleas in pots

Prune lavenders (if didn't do it in September)

Plant sweet peas


Sow aubergines

Sow herbs such as basil, chives, coriander, parsley,

Sow courgettes

Sow leeks

Sow french and runner beans

Sow cauliflowers

Sow Swiss chard


Grow single flowers with an open structure, which are rich in pollen and nectar

Continue to feed garden birds

Consider making a small pond

Put up a solitary bee hotel (make your own or buy on line)

Consider planting a hedge

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