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March Jobs

Jobs for March:

As the days start to get longer and the weather warms up, March is a busy time in the garden. Here are a few jobs for the month:

Fruit & vegetables

Cover beds to warm up the soil for early sowings

Try forcing rhubarb under a container or bucket

Feed cabbages with chicken manure

Sow beetroot

Sow broad beans

Plant bare root fruit trees

Plant onion sets

Plants & flowers

Remember to cover tender plants in fleece if frost is forecast

Cut back any remaining perennials and deciduous glasses

Deadhead spring bulbs

Pot up dahlia tubers

Plant summer flowing bulbs

Sow half hardy annuals such as zinnias, cosmos and marigolds


Sow peas

Sow early brassicas such as cabbage and cauliflower

Sow radish

Sow herbs such as coriander, parsley and dill


Ensure plenty of food and fresh water is available for the birds

Look out for frog spawn in your pond


Mulch borders

Start compost heap

Weed beds

Clean (or repair) lawn mower

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