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February Jobs

Jobs for February:

This list is not exhaustive but a few jobs for the month:

Fruit & vegetables

Harvest kale leaves

Keep picking winter lettuce and rocket

Plant rhubarb

Prune autumn raspberries

Plants & flowers

Divide snowdrops after flowering

Cut down deciduous grasses

Plant hardy spring bedding in containers and window boxes for Spring colour

Prune winter flowering shrubs

Use slow release fertiliser around the base of roses


Sow tomatoes, globe artichokes, and sprouting broccoli in a propagator

Sow sprouts leeks, onions and spinach in the greenhouse

Sow lettuce

Sow broad beans


Consider making a pond to attract wildlife

Leave food out for hedgehogs that may come out early in mild weather

Put up new nest boxes

Ensure that there is fresh water for wildlife and birds (especially if water is frozen in the mornings)

Keep feeding the birds

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